Dear Jennifer,

Just a note to thank you for the wonderful care with hydro therapy you gave my Chloe. She sure responded well to swimming with you. I know it really helped with enabling her to walk again. I specially appreciated your gentleness, warmth and love with my baby.

Thank you again,




My 6-year-old black lab has an anxiety disorder and has difficulty adjusting to experiences that are new to him.  In addition, he is dog-reactive, so he can’t go to dog parks or on hikes for exercise.  He is very strong and athletic, so I’m hoping that swimming can be a good outlet for him to get some exercise and enjoy himself.  Being in the water was not within his comfort zone.  I am very grateful for Jennifer’s sensitivity.  She introduced my dog to the water in a kind and gentle way, with a lot of patience and encouragement.  He responded well to her gentle manner.  I am pleased and optimistic that swimming may become a regular activity for him.

Sandy & Maverick