Our pool is 9 feet wide, 21 feet long and 4 deep.  We use an EPA approved UV Sanitizer, making our pool virtually chemical free.  We also have adjustable swim jets that provide more resistance for active and fit dogs.


 We swim all kinds of dogs for all types of reasons at our pool. From 3 pounds to 193 pounds, they have been in our pool. The temperature is usually set at about 85 degrees, but can be warmer or cooler depending on the need of the dog.

Swim Pool for Dogs


We swim one dog at a time at our pool. Our trained swim coaches get in the water with the dogs, help them in, help them swim, control direction of movement, resting, getting out of the pool, etc.


  We are very gentle with the dogs, and help them get comfortable with the process. At the least, a few dogs are in water up to their elbows by the end of the first visit and most are swimming at least a little. Some dogs are swimming laps and circles, too.

Swim Pool for Dogs  We provide towels for drying the dogs off. We also have an air force dryer, and a shower stall that dogs can get into if you want to rinse your dog off after swimming.

We have good treats that we use for rewards and enticing reluctant dogs that are still willing to eat. We also have toys of all shapes and sizes.

We have flotation devices as well, and use them if needed.